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A big problem for the tourists visiting Australia these days is the problem of their accommodation. No tourist wants to stay somewhere with a bad vibe.

ECO Cottage

This is where ECO Cottage comes in, as you get the dream vacation and the perfect accommodation with the best surrounding and the finest cuisine.

Services we provide

ECO Cottage offers a variety of services that makes your experience like nowhere else. Here, you experience A Lap of Luxury. Here are some of the unique features that set us apart from anything in Australia.


At ECO Cottage, the rooms are prepared such that you get the best out of the time that you spend here. The ambiance here is unlike anything you experience anywhere in Australia and even the world for that matter. Hygiene is imperative for us, and we make sure that everything is clean keeping up with the best standards of the world.
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The Perfect Surrounding


ECO Cottage offers the best surrounding you can wish for. We give you a dream place for you to accommodate during your vacation. The surrounding is extremely exotic, where you can forget about your daily problems, free yourself from the stress, and relax yourselves with a nice cool walk on the beach, or even just lying and enjoying the natural beauty.

Fine Food Cuisine

This is where ECO Cottage comes in, as you get the dream vacation and the perfect accommodation with the best surrounding and the finest cuisine.

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Best 5 Things To Do When You Visit Gold Coast

Travel and exploring are food to our soul and what place better than Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a promising place with its beautiful golden sand, serene sceneries, thrilling rides and activities, exotic animals, native heritage and colorful, vibrant markets. This variety of experiences that the gold coast day tour offers is a reason in itself to put it on the bucket list. Here are the 5 best things to do here so that you can have an experience worth remembering.

The beach

Gold Coast is famous for its scenic seaside. Majestic stretches of sand are worth experiencing. There’s a variety of beaches there so everyone can have what they desire – a therapeutic experience, a gorgeous sun bath or some adrenaline through surfing. All the main beaches, including Surfers Paradise, Palm Beach, Main Beach, Kirra, Nobby Beach, Coolangatta, Duranbah, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, and Broadbeach are of a high quality. They are clean and serene. Most of them offer an extended benefit of activities and refreshments. You can pick one near to you or on the basis of what you want.

The Hinterland

Beyond the golden beaches, Gold Coast offers some breathtakingly gorgeous scenes of green. Perhaps the fact that Gold Coast offers the best of all makes it a place worth visiting. There are a range of experiences here which include the waterfalls, mountains, lush wineries, and glow worm caves. You will find them all not very far from one another, which means getting a gist of all won’t be a hassle. You can visit the World Heritage listed national parks, you can both drive yourself to enjoy the beauty and serenity or join a tour to visit the points of your liking without hassle.

Ride the cruise

You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery, of the water meeting the gold sand with the joyous city in the backdrop, from an entirely different vantage point. Gold Coast offers plenty of cruise rides and on a sunny day jump to land into one and enjoy the spectacular views of and from the waters. From amongst the variety of cruises many offer lunch, dinner or snacks. Other than this there are a few that take you on a tour of the Coasts efficient and renowned canal system, and some even offer crab-catching which is pretty fascinating.

SkyPoint Deck

The magnificent views that Gold Coast offers must be experienced in all the ways. At the SkyPoint Deck, on top of the Q1 building, you can enjoy a 360 birds eye view of the lush water, sun kissed beaches and the city. Here you can also enjoy the adventure of climbing the glass tower. You choose to just sightsee, to have a thrilling adventure or even refresh yourself at the bar here. SkyPoint Deck makes up a good starting point to this trip.

The market

To enjoy the culture make sure you visit the markets. Miami Marketta offers a festive experience with live music and delicious street food. It includes shared tabled and funk infused bars which make the experience very lively and joyful. This fun goes on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

New apartment? We will give you the boxes for the move!

Are you moving into an apartment all for yourself for the first time? We will give you the boxes for the move. So you’ll have to work less, at least from an economic point of view.

We help you and give you the boxes for the move

If you are going to move into an apartment for your first time or are planning a move, we will give you the boxes. You already have enough expenses. The offer is valid for young people up to the age of 26 who already have or intend to take out home furniture insurance with Mobiliare. We will give you up to 10 boxes for home economics.

 The visit to the apartment

Clarify the open questions, the things that are essential for you and those that are negotiable (see point 1). This way you can begin to understand if the house matches what you are looking for. Probably you will also be asked questions. Be sincere and do not pretend, otherwise cohabitation may not work in everyday life. Therefore, it is really advisable not to lie. Our video presents the “do’s” and “don’ts” for the job interview.

 If the answer is “no”

If potential roommates have chosen someone else, try not to take it personally, even if it will be difficult at first. There are many other beautiful rooms and you will certainly find other nice people to share an apartment with. The best thing is to tell as many friends as possible that you are looking for a room. Probably by word of mouth you will immediately find what you are looking for.

The room is yours, it’s time to sign the contract

If you have won the room, the contract must now be signed. In any case it is important to read it well and maybe even show it to someone who understands it. If you have questions or if there are unclear points it is best to ask your future roommates directly. In any case, we must always clarify if we are principal tenants or subleases. If you are subleasing, you must complete a sublease agreement. The administration will give you a special form.

How to find the perfect room in a shared apartment

1. Who knows what to look for, he finds it.

As the well-known proverb says: who seeks, finds. But do you know exactly what you are looking for? Which neighborhood do you want to live in? What size should your room have? How much can you pay? Do you prefer to live with women or men? And what age? Do you want to cook together and have a clean apartment, or do you want to feel independent in the shared house? Surely there are some things you are not willing to discuss, others that you want and others that are negotiable. By carefully reading the ads for rooms to rent you can understand a lot and save yourself a visit to the apartments that do not match your criteria.

2. Where to look?

There are practical platforms to select the ads appropriate to your needs: for example students.ch or Ronorp . Furthermore, in the search for a room you can also involve your friends via Facebook or by e-mail: perhaps one of them knows someone who is looking for a roommate.

The more precisely you describe what you are looking for, the more likely it is to find it. We must not forget the direct contact with people. Tell your friends what you are looking for: word of mouth with acquaintances often leads to unexpected solutions.

3. You have found a room and you want it at all costs

Have you come across an ad that excites you and you absolutely want to live in this shared apartment? Perfect! But now you will have to be noticed by potential roommates. Introduce yourself creatively so as not to disappear into the mass of candidates. Insert in your written application all the necessary information, because if something is missing no one will take the trouble to search for the missing information. Explain clearly why you want to live in that apartment and why you think you are the roommate you are looking for.

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