Silja’s Orangutan Project Update

In July 2013, a small group of us took a journey into the jungles of Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra, Indonesia, lead by the founder of The Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks. We were the first group ever to be invited into this jungle camp where 156 orangutans have been saved and released. Together as a group we fundraised over $10 000. It was magical seeing these smart, wonderful and playful creatures in the wild where they belong, and in the best possible hands of the Orangutan Project team. As is also shown on the video, we visited also the Open Sanctuary in Sumatra which is home to 8 orphans that attend jungle school everyday until they are also ready to be released into the jungles of Bukit Tigapuluh. The problem that we face everyday, which makes the battle for their survival more difficult, is that the Indonesian government is capable of releasing more land to be logged. The Orangutan Project team face them in court in hope to save the remaining rainforests, which is home to creatures we share 97% of the same genetic makeup with. Please help us help them. Visit www.orangutan.org.au and make a donation.  Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel.

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Heike is the Owner and Manager of Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages & Donkey Farm. An avid Donkey Welfare supporter, Heike fell in love with donkeys fast and now spends her days working to provide refuge and love for her fury friends.