How to find the perfect room in a shared apartment

How to find the perfect room in a shared apartment

1. Who knows what to look for, he finds it.

As the well-known proverb says: who seeks, finds. But do you know exactly what you are looking for? Which neighborhood do you want to live in? What size should your room have? How much can you pay? Do you prefer to live with women or men? And what age? Do you want to cook together and have a clean apartment, or do you want to feel independent in the shared house? Surely there are some things you are not willing to discuss, others that you want and others that are negotiable. By carefully reading the ads for rooms to rent you can understand a lot and save yourself a visit to the apartments that do not match your criteria.

2. Where to look?

There are practical platforms to select the ads appropriate to your needs: for example or Ronorp . Furthermore, in the search for a room you can also involve your friends via Facebook or by e-mail: perhaps one of them knows someone who is looking for a roommate.

The more precisely you describe what you are looking for, the more likely it is to find it. We must not forget the direct contact with people. Tell your friends what you are looking for: word of mouth with acquaintances often leads to unexpected solutions.

3. You have found a room and you want it at all costs

Have you come across an ad that excites you and you absolutely want to live in this shared apartment? Perfect! But now you will have to be noticed by potential roommates. Introduce yourself creatively so as not to disappear into the mass of candidates. Insert in your written application all the necessary information, because if something is missing no one will take the trouble to search for the missing information. Explain clearly why you want to live in that apartment and why you think you are the roommate you are looking for.

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