ECO Tourism

Destiny Boonah is entirely 'Off The Grid'. What does that mean? We power our own energy needs via solar energy that is converted and stored in batteries so we never run out - even on cloudy, rainy days. In addition to our state of the art energy storage we run our one of a kind 'eco air-cons' that make use of natural air cycles and some 'Heike inventiveness'. over 1 tonne of batteries (1)

Over 1 Tonne of Solar Energy Storage

We store the additional solar energy from sunny days in over 1 tonne of batteries so we have additional power on overcast or rainy days. We ask that guests be energy conscious during their stay to ensure this stored energy is not wasted. However, in cases of extended overcast or rainy days we also have a backup system, including a generator, so guests can rest assured that no matter when they come they won't miss out on modern comforts.

double filtered rain water (1)  

Double Filtered Rain Water

All water at Destiny Boonah is sourced directly from nature - via the rain! We have large rainwater tanks to provide you the freshest, cleanest water possible especially after it has gone through our double filter system.  

motorised vehicles only on bitumen driveway to cottages (1)Vehicle Limited Access Areas

Unlike many remote or rural properties Destiny Boonah provides a bitumen driveway for guests to follow right up to their doorstep. This has been implemented to preserve the natural environment around our cottages. While staying at Destiny Boonah guests are only allowed to drive their motorised vehicles on these roadways. No vehicles (other than the buggy operated by Destiny Boonah) are allowed to navigate off this driveway. This includes motorbikes and 4 wheelers.

enviromentally friendly septic system (1)

Environmentally Friendly Septic System

Even our septic waste is managed onsite with an environmentally friendly system built into the property.

solar powered eco aircon (1)

Solar Powered Air-conditioning System

Our Air-conditioning System is solar powered along with all of the electricity at Destiny Boonah. While here you are 'off the grid' using no power or water from the town supply leaving your stay carbon free. All energy is sourced naturally from the sun.

water tanks to store fresh rainwater (1)

Rainwater Tanks

All water used for consumption is sourced from our large rainwater tanks. Both cottages have their own tank and water is double filtered to ensure you use the purest water available.

re-used odourless, recycled and clean waste water

Recycled Water Garden Maintenance

We use recycled, odourless and clean water for our garden maintenance. This minimises unnecessary water wastage and allows us to maintain our bright gardens all year round.

Low emission gas heater

Low Emission Gas Heating

Both the Green Eco Cottage and Red Eco Cottage are heated with low emission gas heating during winter and cooler periods to ensure the comfort of our guests without damaging the environment.

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