Donkeys Protect Farm Animals

4BC Weekend Mornings: Chris Adams speaks to Heike Mack-Behle who owns Destiny Boonah Eco cottage and donkey farm. She is an advocate for donkeys who she says are increasingly used as shepherd animals to protect farmers stock from wild dogs and foxes. Heike has re homed hundreds of donkeys in the last 10 years and explains to Chris how they protect sheep, goats, calves from wild dogs. Its their instinct to ward off dogs even though they are otherwise gentle and placid by nature.

Meet Heike the donkey whisperer – From Alice Gorman’s Blog!

Below is an excerpt from the private blog post of Alice Gorman who recently wrote This Article for the Sunday Mail on Destiny Boonah. Read Alice's full private post and show her some love over at her website "Farmer Has A Wife"
I first met Heike Mack-Behle about 10 years ago when I moved to Boonah. The German-born, former champion dressage rider had also recently moved to the town with her family and was attracting quite a bit of interest for her love of donkeys. She had established an unofficial donkey sanctuary, rescuing donkeys from the knackery and from paddocks where they had been forgotten by their owners. Donkeys live for up to 50 years, which means they often outlast their owners … or sadly their owner’s interest. Heike had developed an allergy to horses and needed to find another animal on which to inflict her love. Donkeys, while similar to horses, did not cause Heike to have the same reaction and she realised that she had a natural connection with the docile creatures.
Heike & donkeys

Feature Article in Sunday Mail Sept 2013

Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages & Donkey Farm recently featured the Sunday Mail as part of an article by Alice Gorman. We're feeling very lucky to be featured and wanted to make sure you didn't miss out. You can Read Alice’s blog at The full article is below:

Advocate Brays Praise of Paddock Guardians

The Sunday Mail (Queensland) 15 Sep 2013 HEIKE Mack-Behle sees herself as more than just a donkey farmer.Read More

Silja’s Orangutan Project Update

In July 2013, a small group of us took a journey into the jungles of Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra, Indonesia, lead by the founder of The Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks. We were the first group ever to be invited into this jungle camp where 156 orangutans have been saved and released. Together as a group we fundraised over $10 000. Read More
Destiny Boonah Donkey Farm Open Day Childrens Visits

Destiny Boonah Open Day – 7th July 2013

On a beautiful warm sunny day visitors had the unique experience of meeting and greeting a very interesting group…of donkeys. The Destiny Boonah Open Day welcomed families, visitors and many, many little people. The kids were excited to meet the donkeys, find out more about them and even give them a brush. The adults were pretty happy about it too. Young and old, it all started with a quick introduction made more enjoyable for all (but especially for the donkeys) with a quick brush. Kids were invited to grab a donkey of their choice and even those who started out a bit shy became fast friends with these gentle, sweet creatures. After getting close to their donkey of choice visitors enjoyed a scenic walk around the dam. The pleasant exercise gave the pairings more time to get to know each other. Many guests were amazed with how quiet these donkeys are! Lunchtime saw a yummy picnic under the shade of a gum tree in the ASSquestrian Centre. A camp fire was the final touch to the beautiful bush atmosphere. By the end of the day, new friendships had been forged between young and old, four-legged and two-legged. The donkeys were well-behaved and loved following the children as much as the children loved a chance to “be the boss”. Enquiries about the next Open Day were already being passed around. And as luck would have it, we followed this advice like our well-mannered donkeys. Sunday 29 September, 10am-2pm. All welcome. Come and enjoy a day with our gorgeous, friendly donkeys, our equally gorgeous and friendly staff and the exquisite scenery. This Open Day will include a thirty-minute talk “More about donkeys” for those who want to add to their knowledge in a fun and interesting environment. We look forward to seeing you there! Click to view full post and gallery from the dayRead More
Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages and Donkey Farm

ECO Safaris QLD recommending Destiny Boonah

Stunning views, unique cottages, wildlife and asses.

“Laze on your verandah with a drop of local red, watching the pretty-faced wallabies as the sun sets over the valley” - sounds a bit like a corny advertisement, but it’s true. Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages are surrounded by National Park and have glorious views across the Scenic Rim out to the Great Dividing Range. Destiny Boonah is run by the ever-gregarious Heike. Originally from Germany, a few years back she was travelling in Australia when she came across Boonah. Struck with the beauty of the region, in her words she ‘found her destiny’, and found a way to stay. Heike has a passion for animals and provides a private ‘eco-tour’ around the property on her 4WD-golf-buggy-cart-like vehicle. It’s at sunset so she can tell you all about the native animals that come out to play. Various types of wallabies are common as well as echidnas, possums, various birdlife including eagles, and the newest resident – ‘Tiger’ the koala! But Heike also has a passion for her asses with her ‘Assquestrian Centre’ (you read right). Heike is one of the good people. She saves mistreated donkeys, treats them like royalty and provides fun and educational donkey sessions for groups. Oh yeah – the accommodation………. These cute, self-contained cottages have acquired a bunch of eco certified badges. They’re solar powered, beautifully appointed throughout, cozy, well equipped, spacious and of course, spotlessly clean. Different sized cottages are suitable for couples, families and groups. Destiny has private walking tracks and is only minutes away from Lake Maroon & Lake Moogerah. You’re also just 7km's to Boonah's restaurants, shops and two great wineries. Stay 3 nights get a free wildlife tour. Thank you to ECO Safaris.